Changing jobs, moving flats, getting $1,700 stolen from PayPal, my sister being down for a month and the rest of life still going on does not make for a condusive blogging environment. Whilst that’s an excuse to not get on with the bigger projects, it’s not that I’ve not had time to be doing a lot of little things.

Today I have been mostly desphinning articles.

I’m a big fan of Sphinn as an SEM niche news aggregator/social media site and I make it easy, for you the reader, to Sphinn up any of my posts through the widgets at the bottom of them. I don’t believe in Sphinning my own posts as it seems to be poor taste to show off this way to ones peers, but one day I hope that somebody will decree that what I’ve written is worth sharing with a larger audience. (Current Sphinns at time of writing – 0).

Whilst recently, due my limited time, I have just been looking at the Hot Topics section (I don’t want to miss anything) today I have started to look at the upcoming news and was quite surprised that it doesn’t have all that much blatant promotion going on.

Whether some people are like me and don’t start by submitting themselves or perhaps that others are desphinning them before I see them or simply that people realise that marketing to marketers isn’t a great idea but there was only two or three articles in the first few pages that I didn’t think deserved to be there. Most can be weeded out from the title alone (although I always check the page out before proceeding) but some look like spam but in reality aren’t.

Here are some examples.

SEO Consultation Google SEO

Somewhat keyword stuffed title that appears to be offering a service. Upon reading the page my initial assumptions are correct and I desphunn the article for not being news.

Bollywood Actress and more  

This looks at first glance like spam. Again I clicked through and right enough it was as the title said and nothing to do with SEM or any sort of marketing. I reported it as spam and moved on.

2 other articles I’d reported as spam had already been removed in the time it took me to report them and write this.

Get Back Links and Make Money with Infobarrel

At first glance this doesn’t look any better than the first two examples, however I read the article as usual and this was a genuine explanation of how to get links and make money with Infobarrel. No affiliate links in the text and on a decent PR3 homepage blog.

Now I don’t doubt that some other links on this guys page are paid for, however such is the online marketing world.

If you’ve not yet checked out Sphinn I’d recommend you do and I’d be interested to hear other people’s views on Sphinning yourself and what sort of things they desphinn/spam.

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