I’m going to offer a very simple tip for creating landing pages for keywords that could drive significant traffic from Google. Hopefully this’ll make up for my complete lack of updates for about 100 years.

When doing your keyword research it’s worth finding out what Google thinks people are searching for when they enter that keyword term. For example if you are optimising for the term ‘football’ (Soccer) then simply type that term into Google and scroll to the bottom of the page.

You’ll be presented with 8 links that looks like

football searches

Google clearly links your search with the “+ terms” of games, pictures, boots, rules, results, live and history. It also throws a curve ball of rugby in there. So now you have 8 new terms to optimise a landing page for which could be generating significant traffic from your main term if people click through on these links (and people love to click rather than type).

Sometimes it does throw up some pretty random results, searching for ‘cheese’ gives me the + term ‘games’ (if anybody knows what a cheese game is please tell me) but somebody somewhere is searching for this. You might as well have the traffic over some other site and it’s all about the longtail.

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