Decided to add a little bit of Flash Icon to the site in the form of an excellent little plugin from Roy Tanck.

This plugin displays your tag cloud in the form of a globe.

I’ve never really been a fan of word clouds since they first appeared (and seemed to do wonders for SEO… briefly) and despite having had the tag cloud on this blog since the beginning I was considering ditching it, or getting a nofollow plugin for them (the pages themselves are already noindex but seemed silly to leak Page Rank [as we all know PR is the defining factor of SEO*]).

Instead I’ll just cripple search engines ability to follow the links, although I may set up another site to see if they manage to crawl the links in widget as Google now claims.

Anyway, here’s a big version for you to see.

*If you think this is true you are an idiot 🙂

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