Whilst not doing much of anything I ended up typing “swf Icon” into Google UK and saw that after the ‘official’ results there were 2 car racing games. One from Peugeot and one from Red Driving School.

In the search results though the Meta Description showed a bit of a difference. 


Go-Red results


Peugeot Results

Given the choice what one are you more likely to click on?

Quickly looking at the page it becomes obvious that whilst the Red Driving School site is pure Flash Icon, the Peugeot site has the game embedded into a normal HTML page with all appropriate tags included.

The Red Driving School site does rank higher than the Peugeot site (however I doubt either are looking to optimise for the word ‘swf’) but I would be much more inclined to click on the latter as it’s easier to tell what I’m going to be taken through to.

Looking into why the Red Driving site doesn’t have a Meta Description archive.org shows the site was first recorded in April 2005, so would have been made even before then. The ability to add Meta Tags to Flash only came about in Flash 8, which wasn’t released until September 2005, and has been part of the reason why old school search engine optimisers have always avoided Flash sites.

The moral of the story is to remember the basics when optimising a site in Flash. These days forgetting to add Meta Tags to your site is unforgivable, but people still do it!

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