Okay, so I’ve been pretty lax with updating this site. Mostly because I’ve switched jobs and will be moving flat this weekend, plus have been back in Scotland for a Stag Do and a wedding.

To make up for it I will now present you with 5 quick and easy on page SEO tips that AREN’T along the lines of Title Tags… blah blah blah… keywords… blah blah blah… internal links & nofollow… blah blah… small file sizes… blah.

1) Link your Header <h1> to the page it’s on.

It’s an <h1> tag linking to your page and it still counts.

2) Create a second UNIQUE page about the same subject and link between them both.

That way when you do rank for a word you can get a second indent, knocking a competitor both down a place and another out of that page ranking.

3) Go vertical.

Almost falls into the blah section but shove an optimised pic or video into an article because if nothing else it keeps the reader’s attention when looking at an otherwise dry article. Should BrowseRank and time on page become a factor (like for Adwords Quality Score) it may keep people around that little bit longer too.

4) Shove a noscript tag in even if the page doesn’t execute a script.

Might be a slightly controversial move but in theory the spiders will read both and double your content count (assuming your text is optimised this shouldn’t be a bad thing). Do make sure it is the exact same content though and don’t spam the noscript tag. If you’re running off a CMS you may add some sort of javascript later that causes problems and you’re not technically doing anything wrong 😀

5) Do everything “blah”.

All the blah parts are the basics and should be done for every page. Title, Headers, Desciptions, Keywords, content, alts, internal links, rel=nofollow are all important (more so than what I’ve mentioned) and need to be done for any on page optimisation.

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