Not much happening that I can impart my relative wisdom on, just been making a few updates to the blog.

  • I’ve added links that I read most days into my blogroll.
  • I’ve added a glossary and am adding terms as quick as I use them. There does seem to be a problem with it in that it highlights every term rather than just the first on a page/post, but I’ll look into that or get the plugin designer to update it.
  • I’ve added a resources page which will hopefully end up with a bunch of useful links.
  • Just to give you something to look forward to reading, I’m working on a project which will hopefully be live on Tuesday and may result in PRIZES!!!


Of an update no less. Turns out that the glossary highlighting was simply because the settings were wrong on some pages. The pages I’d made when I’d ticked the ‘Highlight every occurance on the page’ were the only ones effected and a quick post edit sorted them out. Super!