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20Nov Flash WordPress Plugin – WP-Cumulus

I’ve never really been a fan of word clouds since they first appeared (and seemed to do wonders for SEO… briefly) and despite having had the tag cloud on this blog since the beginning I was considering ditching it, or getting a nofollow plugin for them (the pages themselves are already noindex but seemed silly to leak Page Rank [as we all know PR is the defining factor of SEO*]).

13Nov Tip for Optimising Landing Pages for Keywords

Sometimes it does throw up some pretty random results, searching for ‘cheese’ gives me the + term ‘games’ (if anybody knows what a cheese game is please tell me) but somebody somewhere is searching for this.

21Oct 5 Quick and Easy On Page Seo Tips

2) Create a second UNIQUE page about the same subject and link between them both.

That way when you do rank for a word you can get a second indent, knocking a competitor both down a place and another out of that page ranking.

05Sep I am a fraud!

I read, I research, I come up with ideas and impliment some of them, but I don’t actually run a pure Flash View definition in a new window site with the intention of optimizing it and until I do how can you trust anything I say?!

05Aug Flash Meta Descriptions

Looking into why the Red Car site doesn’t have a Meta Description shows the site was first recorded in April 2005, so would have been made even before then. The ability to add Meta Tags to Flash View definition in a new window only came about in Flash 8, which wasn’t released until September 2005, and has been part of the reason why old school search engine optimisers have always avoided Flash sites.