How to optimise Flash for search engines.

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22Apr The End of Flash?

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated this, really should use it to it’s full potential, especially as FLASH View definition in a new window MAY NOT BE AROUND FOR MUCH LONGER! Okay, that’s a huge lie. Sure, Apple may be killing off Flash on their products and HTML 5 can explode videos (among other cool stuff) but while that’s […]

25Jan Sometimes you just can’t win.

Here’s a graph of one of the (what seems like) 5o sites that I launched this year (hopefully explains why I update so rarely). The orange line represents the number of keywords this new site was getting found for and the blue line represents what percentage of traffic was coming through search engines. Then in […]

03Sep New Flash SEO logo!

Looks like the new Flash View definition in a new window (and indeed all CS3 program) file thumbnails and with the file type as SEO.

Simple yet clever idea which is hopefully what this blog is all about.