How to optimise Flash for search engines.

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20Nov Google Analytics for Flash.

Yesterday Google Announced that they had released an out of the box option for tracking visitors across Flash View definition in a new window . Hopefully this standardised option will allow webmasters and optimisers useful info on visitors. So What Does It Do? This feature is a translation of the current Google Analytics tracking code into the ActionScript View definition in a new window 3 programming language […]

13Nov Tip for Optimising Landing Pages for Keywords

Sometimes it does throw up some pretty random results, searching for ‘cheese’ gives me the + term ‘games’ (if anybody knows what a cheese game is please tell me) but somebody somewhere is searching for this.

12Aug Google and Intro Pages?

Some sites actually present the users with an advert as a splash page, such as the NYTimes and The Onion. Both of these sites give the user the option to skip the ad, however Google doesn’t give the user the option to go directly to the content from the search results. How does it differentiate the pages?

29Jul Optical Character Recognition in Flash

With the advent of search engines like kooaba allowing users to send images via multi-media messages from their phones and get seemingly accurate results, how long will it be before everything Google are investing in allow it to do the same?