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11Feb SEO Buzzer – A Flash Wire Buzzer Game

As I mentioned at least 100 years ago when I first started this blog I was working on a competition with amazing prizes and today I am ready to finally unveil it. Behold it’s glory! Basically an update on the old buzz wire game that kids of yore played. Full details can be found on […]

08Aug FLASH! AH AH! Saviour of the Universe

I’ve added links that I read most days into my blogroll.
I’ve added a glossary and am adding terms as quick as I use them. There does seem to be a problem with it in that it highlights every term rather than just the first on a page/post, but I’ll look into that or get the plugin designer to update it.
I’ve added a resources page which will hopefully end up with a bunch of useful links.
Just to give you something to look forward to reading, I’m working on a project which will hopefully be live on Tuesday and may result in PRIZES!!!