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31Aug YouTube Captions, useful for SEO?

My immediate thoughts were that, if the subtitles were located in an accessible file, that search engines might be able to find out a bit more information about what’s in a video. Having had a quick look, it seems this was overly optimistic, however it did get me thinking…

22Aug Video Sitemaps

These days everybody knows that to help the search engines find your site that you should create a sitemap, listing all of your site’s pages. What some people don’t realise is that with vertical search you can submit a sitemap of your video…

12Aug Google and Intro Pages?

Some sites actually present the users with an advert as a splash page, such as the NYTimes and The Onion. Both of these sites give the user the option to skip the ad, however Google doesn’t give the user the option to go directly to the content from the search results. How does it differentiate the pages?

08Aug FLASH! AH AH! Saviour of the Universe

I’ve added links that I read most days into my blogroll.
I’ve added a glossary and am adding terms as quick as I use them. There does seem to be a problem with it in that it highlights every term rather than just the first on a page/post, but I’ll look into that or get the plugin designer to update it.
I’ve added a resources page which will hopefully end up with a bunch of useful links.
Just to give you something to look forward to reading, I’m working on a project which will hopefully be live on Tuesday and may result in PRIZES!!!

05Aug Flash Meta Descriptions

Looking into why the Red Car site doesn’t have a Meta Description shows the site was first recorded in April 2005, so would have been made even before then. The ability to add Meta Tags to Flash View definition in a new window only came about in Flash 8, which wasn’t released until September 2005, and has been part of the reason why old school search engine optimisers have always avoided Flash sites.