How to optimise Flash for search engines.

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31Jul There are no bad Flash functions…

Flash View definition in a new window is often criticized for creating unorganised pages, where the core message of the page is lost amid the flashing, blinking, animated images that Flash programmers, in general, love to create.

30Jul Optimising Flash text for search

As I’ve discussed in my guide to Flash View definition in a new window SEO, spiders and data centers are unable to evaluate the importance of text within swf View definition in a new window files as there are no HTML comparable tags to indicate headers, so at best it all counts as standard paragraph text. You can however select what text search engines do pick up…

29Jul Optical Character Recognition in Flash

With the advent of search engines like kooaba allowing users to send images via multi-media messages from their phones and get seemingly accurate results, how long will it be before everything Google are investing in allow it to do the same?

29Jul Why this site isn’t in Flash.

The other reason is that I’m not really much of a Flash View definition in a new window designer. Traditionally SEO has been at one end of the scale and Flash sites at the other. Things do look like they’re changing, however…

29Jul Flashbang? – Black Hat SEO in Flash

This is happening now and as it’s invisible to Google’s evaluators it’s bound to be very difficult for their anti-spam team to initially keep on top of. Could this see a return of the Google Bomb?